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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Discover more about neuroscience and how Ripple Effect Services can support your personal wellness journey with our Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does therapy cost?

All adult counselling appointments are $180.00 for a 50-minute session. The number and frequency of the sessions is negotiated with the counsellor. The Safe and Sound Protocol Package is $720. You will have access to the SSP for at least a year plus you will have 4 sessions with a Ripple Clinician. Sessions are to support you in the SSP experience and explore skills and techniques to anchor you in the calmest state of your nervous system, ventral vagal. We employ Registered Social Workers and Registered Psychotherapists. Please check your extended health benefit plan carefully to ensure coverage if you will be submitting for reimbursement. Most benefit packages cover the cost of our services. Some plans are limited to Registered Social Workers (RSW) or Registered Psychotherapists (RP). Most of Ripple's clinicians are one or the other registration. More and more plans are covering both. Please ensure you are clear if there are limitations with your plan.

Where does the therapy take place?

Online counselling is conducted through NousTalk, a secure communications platform that is fully PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant. (These are the laws that govern privacy and confidentiality in Ontario). Online appointments are available anywhere throughout Ontario, provided you have sufficient WiFi service. In-person counselling is conducted at an office in the Jane St. and Bloor St. area of Toronto, Ontario.

Are you an inclusive and welcoming space?

We acknowledge the injustice of privileges granted to us through the ongoing systemic oppression of  Indigenous, Black, racialized peoples, people with disabilities, neurodivergent people and 2SLGBTQI+ folx everywhere. While we recognize that neuroscience approaches are often developed through a White, male perspective, we honour the gifts bestowed upon us by the collaboration of different cultures. Ripple Effect Services will strive to always create space for the vibrant diversities that have thrived within individuals and communities despite the long lasting effects of colonialism. We oppose all brutality and discrimination, and are in solidarity with all who protest and work for safety, justice, and peace for all.

What ages do you work with?

The Ripple approach can be helpful at any age. For Adults: Learning to regulate our own nervous system is the key to unlocking our full best selves. In response to our approach, people report significant improvements in: anxiety and panic attacks, anger, mood, compulsions and more. For Children, Youth, and Families: We offer counselling for the parents and families of younger children, youth seeking counselling for themselves, as well as free online parenting workshops. For more information, please visit Ripple Effect Children’s Services.

What is the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)?

Dr. Stephen Porges is the neuroscientist who identified the Polyvagal Theory and created the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP). He states that the middle ear is a portal to the human nervous system. He developed the idea of using digitally altered music as a way to provide a non-intrusive, easy way to calm the nervous system. The SSP is a “distilled essence of trust.” It provides the nervous system support to down regulate into the Social Engagement System (SES) and out of activated states of fight, flight, and freeze/collapse (Sympathetic and Dorsal Vagal states). The SSP is 5 hours of popular music that has been digitally altered to remove frequencies that activate our defensive states. The protocol is progressively challenging to the brain and thus is a passive neural exercise to the brain and nervous system. All you do is listen. Although incredibly passive and seemingly an easy intervention, it is powerful and can be transformative when used as designed. Appreciating the proper use of the protocol and how to assess the best use of the SSP for your unique nervous system is essential to ensure the full benefits of the protocol are available to your body. Also, as you progress through the 5 hours it is of paramount importance that you have the support of a clinician. This support will help guide you through the SSP and support you to be anchored in your ventral vagal state. This service through Ripple Effect Services requires at minimum 4 sessions with one of our clinicians. Some people may require more clinical hours of support.

Is this the right place for me?

We celebrate your unique self. We want that for everyone. We think you are special and that you have all the information and wisdom you need to be the best you you can be. When it doesn’t happen, we do what we can to make things better right now and we try to correct the mistakes of the past. We think that “No one gets hurt” in their mind, body, and soul is the most important rule. That’s the world we want to live in. All of us at Ripple want everyone’s life to be full of love, joy, and respect. Making everywhere safe, for every person, means making sure everyone is fully free and encouraged to be their unique self. While we don’t know how we can help you yet, we promise to listen to you and your unique story to discover a solution that works for you.

Are your services covered by my benefit plan?

Ripple Effect employs Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Social Workers. Please check your plan carefully to ensure coverage.

If you have any other questions about our approach or require further information about neuroscience, please get in touch.

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