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The Ripple Effect

A new way of counselling. A new way of living.

Neuroscience-informed counselling provides the tools to understand and create the conditions to be our best selves and gain insight on how to enhance our feelings of safety and connection. With Ripple Effect Services, you can find greater clarity for navigating life’s choices.

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Why Work With Us

Our revolutionary model integrates polyvagal, IFS, and relational approaches. We believe this information forms the basis of essential life skills from which anyone can benefit.

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Our Team

With Registered Social Workers, Registered Psychotherapists and Counsellors, the wide diversity of specialties on our team is our strength.

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Safe & Sound Protocol

By regulating the nervous system, this protocol is a subtle yet powerful intervention administered through 5 hours of listening to music. Delivered remotely to your device, you can access the intervention with the clinical support of one of our Ripple clinicians. Experience the grounded ventral vagal state and feel safe and connected.

Ripple Effect Services offers in-person counselling support in the Bloor West area of Toronto, Ontario. We also offer online virtual therapy and counselling across Ontario.
Discover more about the ripple effect in our blog!

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We don’t have to know the answers. We just have to choose to live into the truth.

Rev. angel Kyodo Williams

Begin your ripple effect today.

Ripple Effect Services can support you and your family to build healthy habits for years and years to come.

Need more information? Check out our FAQ or get in touch.

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